I Dreamt

A few nights ago, I dreamt my purse was stolen and soon after we verified it was truly gone, I prayed for it to be restored. I immediately woke up and knew my request had come to pass.  I pondered this for several hours off and on the next morning and eventually came to the realization that I could still remember the dream.  This was common for me so I told my husband and he helped me get it down in writing because we both were convinced it was a God thing.

Let me start from the beginning of what I can remember.  In my dream I was driving my husband somewhere and we had to stop before we got to the final  location for some reason.  Evidently, I put my stuff down in a specific location as it was taking a long time to get out of there.  It was a terminal or rest stop of some kind and it was a place that purses were stolen.

Then, we could see several purses that were similar to mine that had been recovered but none of them were mine. For some reason they were all copies and mine was an original (is this another message from God?) When we checked the location where I had set my stuff, it was gone.

I prayed God would restore it and nothing would happen to my things and woke up instantly.

When I woke up, I immediately knew I had been dreaming; knowing I was now awake and at home, I knew that my prayers were answered and my purse was restored.

Now, this is where it gets interesting: I normally don’t wake up with immediate awareness of reality. I normally have trouble transitioning from dream state to reality and do not typically remember my dreams longer than about 15 minutes, even then, I may only remember the emotional aspects such as a heavy burden or unease. This was markedly different in many ways. I believe God was trying to tell me something.

In my past and even recently, my dreams that I remember for about 15 mins after I wake or and then the memory fades to nothing. And in these dreams, I would dream bad things were happening. A common theme is my husband is being mean to me, or ignoring me completely, or yelling at me. I wake because of the jarring, highly negative aspects to the dream and it takes time for me to realize I was dreaming. I am often overwhelmed with feelings of hurt and pain, often crying in response to a fictitious event from my dream(s). 

So, to recap: normal dreaming followed by waking up quick enough to remember anything at all involves an unclear difference from reality and dream.  Slowly waking up, not truly remembering the dream and negative outcomes from the dream: the dream doesn’t have a good ending. It’s as if something is trying to keep me in the bad place (good try Satan but no dice).

Yet, here I was, waking up clear headed, acutely aware that my dream was a dream, a good ending, good emotions, and a clear memory of the dream. Yes, God was telling me something. When a different element occurs in your life, it’s either you doing something different, God trying to tell you something, or both.

What would He be trying to tell me?  Wake up from the bad dream you’re living, my blessing and promises are true and your prayers are answered?  I just got chills writing that sentence…. Wow, definitely something to ponder.

Interestingly enough, during this time of pandemic flu and financial disaster that is going around the world, I had this dream of being restored. 

Currently, many people are having vivid, negative, and unique dreams. At National Geographic, NBC and the New York Times, reporters share stories of nightmares and painful dreams.  I have not read any of these and do not care to do so but my husband has and wanted to add them here.

  1. https://www.nationalgeographic.com/science/2020/04/coronavirus-pandemic-is-giving-people-vivid-unusual-dreams-here-is-why/
  2. https://www.nbcnews.com/health/mental-health/why-so-many-people-are-experiencing-weird-pandemic-dreams-n1188901
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/13/style/why-weird-dreams-coronavirus.htm

Yet I am having, hope-based dreams, dreams of positive outcomes to negative situations. Why is that?

The answer may have to do with mentally and spiritually feeding on positivity and hope. Many people around the world have been feeding on the news and the reports from politicians and medical professionals. It hasn’t been good news. In some cases, it’s been terrifying. And that’s almost all that’s been out there for months. People turn to Netflix and Amazon Prime and Disney Plus for distraction. What do they get? HAVE YOU SEEN WHAT’S ON THOSE PLATFORMS? Granted there are some cartoons and kids shows out there, but for adults? It’s almost like Netflix flipped off the light switch it has gotten so dark. Most if not all of the original programming is “mature.”

Ignoring the bad news, I’ve been feeding on bible teachings. Hilarious ones, Christian comedians, serious ones, righteousness and truth, intermediate ones, funny and slightly correcting. 

When I feel I need a change, I switch to my collection of worship songs.  There are so many worship songs so full of truth rather than repeating how sinful and faithless we are and how God does bad things or doesn’t answer prayers.  That’s just not true.  If you really listen to the words and know the truth of God, you can see how wrong so many Christian songwriters get it.

I’ve been feeding, not on death, dark spirituality and the constant bad tidings in the news. See a trend?

So! When I feed on hopeful, inspiring things, GOOD spiritual manna, my dreams are ending with hope and positivity.

This brings me to my point, and I’ve already made it. And it’s NOT to stop watching Netflix or Amazon Prime or whatever. Go ahead, watch it, but know that what you choose to watch, that’s getting set into your soul, and it’s hard to get it out later if you don’t want it there. Don’t stuff filth in your fridge, or dirt in your wallet.  Filth tastes, well foul and you can’t pay for anything with dirt except maybe a mud pie. You may have eaten mud pies when you were a kid, but it’s time to stop feeding on mud.  It’s time to grow up spiritually and reap the blessing God is waiting to unleash on us. Trust me, even your dreams will thank you!

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